The Lavender & Chamomile seriously helped a lot with my knee since I pulled something from working out. Also I tend to get tense shoulders very often from work. I few dabs from the candle was all I needed and I was able to sleep through the night with out pain.



Having the Kannai Relax CBD Candle not only smells soothing but the oil is also soothing for my eczema. It helps sooth the burning dry spots on my skin and feels so moisturizing after massaging it on.



My daughter sent me a CBD Kannai massage candle for my birthday. I have suffered for years with fibromyalgia and there have been times when I could barely walk my feet hurt so badly. I got almost instant relief from rubbing the oil from the candle on my feet at night and sleeping with socks. It smells wonderful too! Looking forward to trying more of their products.